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Sunday 2 October 2011

Burl reviews Beverly Hills Cop! (1984)

Hi, Burl here! I don’t normally review such everyday-type movies as Beverly Hills Cop, but I just watched it so I thought I might as well put my thoughts down on paper! Ha ha, not real paper of course!

Well, you all know the story! Eddie Murphy is Achmed Foley, a cop from the very toughest part of Detroit! His buddy shows up one day and declares his undying love for Eddie, but while his love may be undying, the buddy himself is not, as is proved when he gets shot in the head by two nasty horrible bad guys! So Eddie has to go to Beverly Hills and mix it up with the local constabulary, who in a rather science-fiction scenario are depicted as polite, rule-following, by-the-book fellows! Along the way Eddie meets lots of Beverly Hills characters, some of whom are weird and bizarre and others of whom are snobs who he has to intimidate with his high comedy antics!

Eventually it turns out that the movie has the most basic plot ever, involving no actual investigation or cleverness from Eddie, and the ultimate bad guy is Steven Berkoff, who is pretty much the valedictorian of the Bad Guy School of Acting, if there is one! So it’s no surprise when he pulls out a gun and starts shooting, but he doesn’t really get a chance to do to much damage before Eddie and Lieutenant Bogomil put him to rights with a few well-placed slugs!

I really liked the opening truck chase, because it was one of those double-trucks with two big trailers on it, and so it all seemed a bit more dangerous and out of control! There sure was a lot of destruction when it plowed its way through a street full of cars! Cigarettes were flying out the back the whole time, which I thought was great because I don’t smoke anyway, and I’m sure a lot of people who do were able to pick free smokes up off the street for weeks afterward!

It’s an okay movie I guess, but a lot of the charm has worn off since I saw it in the theater! Those two bad sequels didn’t help much! You know, I haven’t even seen the third one, and that’s strange because I love John Landis movies, even his most shapeless and baggy ones like Into the Night! (But I never will see Oscar!) And of course they never made the spin-off picture that I suggested, which would simply be called Bogomil Crisis!

In the end, I guess Beverly Hills Cop is just plain old Beverly Hills Cop, but given a choice of early Eddie Murphy movies, I might rather watch 48 Hours or Trading Places instead! Ha ha, I give Beverly Hills Cop two and a half bogomils!

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